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We are a small provider of I/T executive services that has amassed extensive experience in the formulation and implementation of I/T leadership initiatives.  Also, we supplement I/T senior management expertise on an interim basis. 

Organizational Focus

NJJ Associates functions as a value-added resource for the I/T executive.  Through collaborative and consensus-building techniques with staff, clients, customers, constituents, and other stakeholders, we emphasize the delineation, alignment, and implementation of organizational characteristucs - vision, mission, goals, objectives, and critical success factors.  In partnership with our client, we develop and employ customized metrics to measure I/T organizational performance along several dimensions - client, customer, stakeholder, constituent, economic, financial, direct reports, and indirect reports.  Overall organizational performance is reflected as an aggregation of the organizational dimensions.  Initially, initiatives are investigated and assessed on a macro-level basis and at the 100,000 foot level.  Justifications are performed on a micro-level basis and incorporates all facets of the value proposition. 

Organizational Mission

We improve and enhance an I/T executive's performance through the development and deployment of organizational transformation initiatives that deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative I/T products and services.

The founder's profile, inclusive of curriculum vitae and other pertinent information, is available, as follows:

The Founder's Profile